It’s November, and My Face Itches


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    We’re halfway through the month, and I haven’t shaved my face yet. It’s itchy, and most days I wake up looking like a homeless person. My wife Courtney says it’s hot. I think she’s biased.

    A few years back, a movement started called Movember. The premise was simple. Men would grow mustaches to bring awareness to prostate cancer. The month has since morphed from mustaches into full beards, and what is now known as “No Shave November.”

    So here I sit for the second year in a row with an itchy face, growing a beard.

    I have two listing appointments scheduled for today, and even though I’m sure things will go well, I’m still a little nervous. I almost shaved the beard today, because it isn’t what people are expecting.

    People watch Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and they’re trained to expect their real estate agent to show up in a three-piece suit with a flashy watch and nice car. But is that what people really want?

    I keep thinking back to to what my client Rob Maggio said to me, when I met him for the first time to list his home in Murrieta, dressed only in a nice shirt, jeans, and my Vans skateboard shoes:

    “Oh, thank God you’re not dressed up like all those other Realtors.” Yeah. He said what everyone else was thinking.

    Typical real estate agents show up dressed to the nines ready to sell themselves. It’s so predictable. The listing presentation is all about the agent and their company. It’s an adversarial relationship. You will sit across from them at the kitchen table where they go on and on about themselves and how great they are, how many homes they’ve sold, etc. Look at me! Look at me! Flip charts and statistics. They will even tell you what your home is worth based on a “market analysis” that they prepared before they even set foot inside your home. Can you really trust someone who thinks they know the value of a home they haven’t been inside, based on the sales price of other homes they haven’t been inside?

    If you want to be sold by a real estate agent in a three-piece suit, I can find you plenty of those.

    If that’s what you want…well that isn’t me.

    No one likes a salesperson. People are tired of being sold. They want real, genuine help.

    This is why I refuse to do listing “presentations” anymore. I’m not going to sit at your kitchen table and sell myself or my company. More often than not, we end up sitting together on the couch, discussing ways to add value to your home.

    Truth is, it’s not about me. It’s about you, and getting you the most amount of money for your home while avoiding fundamental mistakes. That’s where the execution comes into play, using my documented approach to maximize your home’s value and avoid fundamental mistakes. My only goal when I arrive is to assess your home and come up with a unique game plan that we’ll both follow.

    Warning: I come dressed to work, not to sell. I will be sporting a very comfortable shirt, jeans, and my Vans skateboard shoes.

    Update: Both of my listing appointments went great. Ironically, one of the clients was dressed up when I arrived, but ended up changing into shorts and a t-shirt shortly after. The other had just shaved his face that day, after going as long as he could for No Shave November.

    Both of them agreed to list their homes with me. When you have a documented approach that you’ve used to help homeowners extract maximum value from their home sale, it really doesn’t matter how you look or dress. It’s all about using the correct approach to help homeowners sell their house, not dressing a certain way to sell yourself.

    Speaking of raising awareness…please check your mailbox next month, where I’ll discuss the great work we have planned for Impact Club. Through small donations, together, we will make a huge impact in our great city. In the meantime, wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

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