Temecula is for Families

    There are so many reasons to move to Temecula  –  affordable housing prices,  pristine communities,  great location, lots to do– but if you are a parent, one important aspect of Temecula trumps all of these:  It is the best place on Earth to raise a family. After bringing up my own two kids here, I say this with confidence.

    One out of every three Temecula residents is a school-age child. The influence of our kids on the community shows in the safety of our child-friendly neighborhoods, quality of our schools and number of family activities there are in the region.


    Temecula is frequently listed on independent surveys as one of America’s safest cities. Our town has an abundance of gated, secure communities and our neighbors really make it a point to watch out for each other. It probably doesn’t hurt that the people of Temecula boast higher-than-average education and income levels, a spirit of community service and a general sense of kindness. The result is a clean, safe community where kids in the neighborhood can grow up together, freely playing outside in much the same way their parents did.


    We put a lot of value on education and opportunity in Temecula and the proof is in our award-winning schools.  The high-ranking Temecula Valley Unified School District is a great benefit of moving to Temecula.

    Child-Centered Activities

    Temecula has no shortage of family activities both within the city and in close proximity. In addition to family-focused museums, restaurants, festivals and other recreational activities, most of the community is master-planned for the comfort and happiness of our children. Temecula has no less than three dozen well-maintained parks and playgrounds, a skate park, community swimming pools, community recreation centers and several sports fields where a variety of youth and adult sporting activities take place.

    Adults Love it Too

    One of the best parts of this family community is that it is really, truly about everyone in the family – whether you are looking for activities you can enjoy together, a nurturing environment for the kids or some adult time, you will find it here.  A move to Temecula is truly one of the best gifts you can give your family.


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